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Welcome to the Newman Lab

We are a group of synthetic chemists at the University of Ottawa (uOttawa) interested in developing new reactions and processes for application in the pharmaceutical, fine, and bulk chemical industries. We combine our fundamental understanding of chemical reactivity with modern technologies such as homogeneous catalysis, high throughput reaction screening, and flow chemistry to discover new knowledge and design more efficient chemical processes.  Researchers interested in joining the group should contact Steve directly at


Sept 5, 2023: Yanlong and colleague's work on Ni-catalyzed transesterification is published in a special issue of Synlett dedicated to the late Keith Fagnou. Steve is the Editor of a new book on Enabling Tools and Techniques for Organic Synthesis. Adam is awarded a MSFSS to study abroad with the Lin lab at Cornell. We say goodbye to Yeva and greet our new undergraduate students Baha, Robynne, and Janice as well as new graduate student Kostya. Welcome all!

June 2, 2023: We welcome Kian Mansour as a new MSc student and Yeva Shevchenko as a new MITACS intern. Adam and Piers both win prizes for their talks at this year's OCCI day. Adam and Zichuan head to CSC2023  -  you can see Adam's talk at 2:40pm on Mon, June 5 in West Meeting Room 115, and Zichuan at 9:40am on Thur, June 8 in West Meeting Room 201

May 8, 2023: Adam and Piers' discovery of a catalytic deoxygenative cross-coupling of tertiary alcohols is published in Nature Synthesis. We say goodbye to BSc students Laura, Carlos, and Rhiannon, while we welcome Nav Matharu into the group for an NSERC USRA internship, alongside high school students and Samantha Gillis and Jacey Matthews as Kirkness scholars.

Feb 20, 2023: Our group publishes back-to-back papers on the unique reactivity of tetramethyldisiloxane (TMDSO) and KOtBu. Piers' work on metal-free C–C bond cleavage to remove a trifluoromethyl group from pyridines is reported in Organic Letters. Adam's work on Ni-catalyzed reductive olefination of hydroxysulfones is reported in Organic Chemistry Frontiers as part of their emerging investigators series.


Nov 4, 2022: Congratulations to Omid for a successful thesis defense. Perfectly timed with the publication of his comprehensive review on ester cross-coupling. We also say farewell to Gilian who starts her industrial career at SGS. Good luck to you both!

Sept 8, 2022: As we say farewell to Victoria, her work on the direct arylation of enones is published in ACS Catalysis. Congratulations and best wishes for your career at Eurofins Alphora!

Sept 5, 2022: The lab welcomes new graduate students Shajia, Zichuan, and Piyas, new postdoctoral fellow Aisha, and new undergraduate students Hana, Rhiannon, Laura, and Filiz.

May 1, 2022: We say goodbye to Amrah who successfully defends her MSc thesis (good luck at Alphora!), and we say hello to Carlos, Kathleen, and Kostiantyn who begin their summer projects. Welcome to the group!

D'Iorio Hall, University of Ottawa
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